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EMG Biofeedback is Powerful, So Use It

May 2020

Volume 8, Issue 2

Inside this issue:

  • EMG Biofeedback is Powerful, So Use It
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  • CBD, Healthier Cof-fee, and Essential OIls
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  • Seminar and Confer-ence Schedule
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  • Low Cost Learning Webinars
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Why do people buy something and not really use it? Maybe they think it is difficult to use. Maybe they get distracted with something else. Or maybe they forgot why it was important to buy it in the first place. I have noticed that some of the people who

biofeedback modalities. I have even heard some biofeedback practitioners say that they don't use EMG so that they don't have to touchtheir clients as much. None of these are good reasons. Each modality has its place and specific applications. We should not

EMG tends to be the easiest modality for a client to learn some level of control of the fastest. Skin Conductance and Temperature sensors may be simpler to apply but may be much more difficult for a client to learn to control. Temperature may go down the first few times a person

bought biofeedback systems that include surface EMG don't seem to use that modality much. Some people have fallen in love

tries to increase it. Once Skin Conductance goes up it may go up further as a response to seeing the increase making it more difficult to bring it down. It is relatively easy to

with Heart Rate Variability because of its popularity or skin conductance or skin temperature because of simplicity. Others have almost totally focused on EEG/ Neurofeedback because they believe that it replaced all other

assume that if one modality is going in the desired direction that the others would follow so there is no need to record and give feedback on them. Here are some reasons that I use and suggest that others use EMG.

demonstrate the concept of biofeedback in general using EMG because people have more direct voluntary control over it. Even if a person's baseline muscle tension is relatively high, you can still ask them to tense and relax the muscle being recorded to show them the relationship between what they are do